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Camp Mulla was an alternative hip hop group originating from and based in Nairobi, Kenya. The group rose to prominence with the release of their single “Party Don’t Stop” on 31 August 2010, with that and their subsequent works earning them a nomination for Best International Act (Africa) at the 2012 BET Awards. Following the release of their debut studio album, Funky Town, the group’s lead singer Karun and rapper Taio both left the group to pursue higher education and solo careers. In September 2017 the main four members announced their reunion at The Wave performance at the Waterfront, Ng’ong racecourse, but soon after disbanded again. The group’s musical style, fashion sense and origins have drawn comparisons to Black Eyed. continue reading

Ngomaplay recognizes all great Musicians and for camp Mulla we had to give give a collection of some of their biggest hits.

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  1. All In
  2. Addicted
  3. Beenies On My Weenie
  4. Feel No Pain
  5. Fresh All Day
  6. Hold It Down (254Low Tribute)
  7. Money, Clothes, B#&!$%  Liquor
  8. Pare
  9. Party Don’t Stop
  10. Take It To The Floor
  11. oH mA gAd ft WondaBoy
  12. If-You-Believe-ft-Miss-Karun-Tripper-MC-Shappa-Man
  13. LOOK ft Kanja, & Manifest
  14. Prices ft Wizkid
  15. Zone Out


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