Licenses and Legal

Licenses and Legal Issues

Ngomaplay is an information location tool that helps you find and enjoy music legally posted on the Internet. We are committed to organizing all the music posted on the Internet for promotional and other legal purposes to serve artists and their fans in the new digital age. We are also committed to respecting the legitimate interests of copyright owners.

Dynamic Links and the Changing Search Index
Because the Project Ngomaplay search spider indexes webpages hosting music files that we reasonably believe are posted for promotional and other legal purposes, and because also allows users to submit links to music files that they believe are posted legally, the operative links to music files that you access through are constantly changing. When you use our site for searching over a period of months, you will find that links to certain songs on Ngomaplay have become inactive. That occurs when the copyright owner has removed the music file from the Internet for one reason or another.
We believe this dynamic nature of the Internet and our site make both useful and fun. Music bloggers, artists and record labels are engaged in an ever more intensive effort to promote the latest music through the Internet. So, when an artist or song begins to break, you can often find it first on our platform, and share with friends. So too, when the artist decides to delete the promotional file, the links on no longer allows streaming of the song. That dynamic process propels the discovery of new music and new friends. Of course, when you discover an artist or song that you love, Ngomaplay helps you buy it, often with just a few clicks.
Caching Policy
When you press the “play button” adjacent to a link to a music file identified on our site, you initiate the streaming of data from a third party website that is hosting the music file. In order to facilitate the efficiency of the streaming process for you as end user and to minimize the bandwidth demands on the third party website hosting the promotional music file, we cache a certain portion of the music files identified by links in our search index. Caching involves the transitory retention of information so that subsequent requests for the same information can be fulfilled by transmitting the retained transitory copy, rather than retrieving the material from the original source on the network. The benefit of this established legal practice is to reduce the service provider’s bandwidth requirements and to reduce the waiting time on subsequent requests for the same information.
Our policy is to “ping” each of our links on a regular basis to determine whether the links are still “live”. In this way, if a copyright owner has elected to delete a music file, our periodic pinging of the link will also cause any cached version of the song to be deleted as well. In this way we assist artists in allowing end users to hear promotional streams of the artists music and to terminate that promotional use when so determined by the artist.
Notices to and from Copyright Holders
If you are a copyright holder and find that our search index contains a link to an illegally posted music file, please contact us immediately pursuant to the procedure set forth under Copyright Notices. We will remove the link as required by law.